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Rodney blurted:
a) You scared me to death, you idiot!
b) Of course I care!
c) I've been desperately in love with you since the moment I set eyes on you in Antarctica!

John stared at Rodney's unguarded face. He looked
a) somewhat pained, as if his underwear was chafing him in uncomfortable places.
b) like a rhino that was confused why the tree it had been running its head against was still standing.
c) like he had been desperately in love with him since the moment he set eyes on him in Antarctica!

Rodney groaned:
a) Oh, my god!
b) Ughn.
c) I've been desperately in love with you since the moment I set eyes on you in Antarctica!
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Does anyone have a cap (the bigger the better) of Rodney's eyes, from Miller's Crossing )
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(Caution: personal pet peeve and recent overexposure make for a ranty dar_jeeling. For like, four lines. Also, this is heavily edited for easy reading! I don't talk this much. And -i- doesn't use capital letters.)

Declaractions of love. In chat form. )
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So I skimmed the flist and stumbled over the thumbnail for this piece o' SGA art by [livejournal.com profile] ileliberte which you've probably already seen.

When I first saw it, I totally thought she was mocking angsty, angsty badfic! *laughs and laughs*
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Usually, my reaction to [livejournal.com profile] mamoru22's lovely vid here would probably amount to Awwwww. Perhaps...with a Hee! thrown in for good measure? Today it's making me all wistful and emo and, and--

Omg, you guys, send help!


Mar. 17th, 2007 07:31 pm
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Have a silly Sheppard manip! Dude. )

Here there be whining. Feel free to skip. )
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You know what would be cool? SGA opening credits in the style of the CSI ones (which I could watch a bajillion times without being bored)! (Wasn't there a contest like this? In a forum?)

I'd totally try to do something like this if I had
a) the necessary software
b) a PC that'd be able to handle said software
c) vidding skillz

Bright light effects, plain cuts, minizoom kinda things and overlaying still graphics!

There is lots of stuff you could use for the SGA version! Say the hologram shots from Rising/The Siege! The chair! The HUD! Blackboards! Trinity! Jumpers! Etc.!
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PG, gen, ~600 words

Disclaimer: I own nothin', please don't sue.
A/N: My burning beta love goes to [livejournal.com profile] eretria (Special thanks for threatening me with a frying pan!) and [livejournal.com profile] thepouncer.

When they walked through the gate on P5G-853, they were greeted by vast white emptiness, a little snow flurry, and not much else. )
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*buries face in hands* It was-- [livejournal.com profile] enname said something, okay? Blame her! I do. )

* Incidentally, I just mistyped that as 'Rodney is my kink'. Yeah. Okay.
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*looks at latest entries* Um. The pretty pictures, they be good?
Caps, caps and more caps. )
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Not very high quality, I'm afraid, but...*handwaves*...whatever.
Sort of sorted by character )
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You know those stories where you read about five lines and your eyelids are already drooping because it's like reading about the same Rodney in the same fic having the same thought for the 100 bajillionth time and omg, could it get any more boring? Cue scrambling for the back button.

These...are kind of the exact opposite of that. When I was searching for the links, I think reread every one of them. They're just so super amazing fun they suck you right in.

Links under here )

PDA: Parts

Oct. 5th, 2006 04:24 pm
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Ugh, headache. Time for a distraction!

These aren't exactly recs (because a) you've probably already read them and b) I'll probably spoil you silly) or reviews or anything sophisticated like that. They're more like public displays of affection. So...uh, don't expect objective criticism?

To the love! )
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Look at the subject line. Of course this is SGA related. (Links snagged from [livejournal.com profile] nel_ani)


*blinks in horrified fascination*
Eta: I have decided that I find them hilarious. Yes.
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A completely superficial look at Sateda. And I don't mean all the pretty people. I mean the effects they used in this one.

No one will click on this lj-cut now, will they? Oh, well. )
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