Jun. 26th, 2007 11:17 pm
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First [ profile] thegrrrl2002 posts the poll of impossible hotness which, so far, has fried 98 fangirl brains and now I seem to have created another header I quite like.

And I can't decide, help meeeee.

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Dec. 1st, 2006 01:05 am
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Both of my legs are asleep, possibly forever, and I have to go to the toilet, but the cat is sleeping on my lap and kind of hugging my belly and it's so cute I die.

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Take a look at The Amazing Hamster Brain! Many people would kill for a chance to-- ohhhh, floating lint. Shiny!

Speaking of shiny, don't you think this icon is of the funny? (I'm not currently emo, btw. *thinky face* I'm not sure it's even possible to do an emo post with this icon; it's such an instant cheerer-upper! One day, I will pay for my crimes against the English language, but today is not that day. I hope. *looks out for magically appearing speeding trucks, falling anvils and the like*)

[Poll #872010]

"I am not sulking. I don't sulk." Ahahaha. Oh, Fraser. I heart you.
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All I want to do lately is bitch, whine and overshare. I should probably step back from LJ, but self-control is not really my kind of thing, so may that idea rest in peace. Anyway! The reason for this post:

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Oct. 13th, 2006 10:27 pm
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[Poll #844179]
Of the yay: I checked this little box and now every time I click on certain links, it automatically does the style=mine thing. Magic!
Of the bzuh?: Where did the autosave draft function go?

Healthy: Eating two apples.
Not so healthy: Slicing them, coating them in cinnamon batter, putting them in hot oil and eating them with a lot of maple syrup.

Idiotic: Hurting your foot by shaking your leg out and smashing it into the computer tower.
Even more idiotic: Getting a cramp along the side of your neck while trying to look at the wound.

Might be a good idea: Washing your hair after you've made pasta aglio e olio (with...uh, added onions).
Might not be such a good idea, duh: Washing it before you start cooking.


Sep. 12th, 2006 09:35 pm
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Something in the room is making breathing noises and it's not the cat. (I checked.) It's freaking me out.

[Poll #819377]
And what would be an absolute no-no in the letter/picture?
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Oh, that pesky id. Why yes, I'm easily amused.

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[Poll #761863]
I'm bored. Oh, hey, I could try writing fic.


On the plus side: I made two icons that don't make me want to stab my eyes out! And it only took me a few hours! Even though they're simple and plain!
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I have a headache, my stomach hurts and I'm cranky. Also, the heat has apparently fried a lot of brains today. That or they've decided that you don't need a driving licence anymore. It would explain all those fucking idiots on the streets.

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Last night's dream featured Geisha Bourne (Bourne? What? Like in "The Bourne Identity?"), clad in lavender silk, doing slow exercises with a shiny katana and sharing pearls of wisdom like this one: "It was a strange way to question oneself, when one was at oneself."

Ooookay, brain. What the hell? You're not supposed to dream in a) English and b) bad English. What does that even mean?

Anyway, it made me think about a few questions I've had for a while. I already pestered oh, everyone I know about them, so why should the flist be spared?

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Photoshop continues to frustrate me. This looks so awesome in my head, why won't it woooork? Gah.

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