Apr. 15th, 2007 07:20 pm
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As you might have noticed (or not), I'm very much with the not posting lately, but how can I not share these? )
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Which episode first? I started watching Common Ground because I saw some spoilery icons and a few episode tags and omg, I could not resist. Halfway through I thought about the promo pics for SG-1 200 and downloaded that and wait, what, there's new House? Plus, McKay and Mrs. Miller is up and you know.

*runs around in circles*

Today on Shit That Amuses Me More Than It Should )
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And by abusing I mean amusing, of course. I just thumbed through one of those cooking and baking magazines and found this little gem. There's a list in there about which ingredients can be substitued by other stuff. Example:

Instead of maccaroni you can use...differently shaped pasta. But wait, there's more!
You're out of red and yellow bell peppers? No worries, it's totally fine to use green ones!

Thank you for that invaluable advice. Christ. People get paid for this?

Now with pictorial evidence.
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There'd probably be McKay icons en masse, innumerable variations on Sheppard's duck face, slash icons galore, three or so Rodney/Teyla sekrit het OTP ones, about ten icons of Grant Jansky with the caption 'Oh, Grant', a few icons that make me look smart and/or witty, generic ones that have Omgyay and such written on them and selected icons from other fandoms, e.g. The X-Files or Harry Potter.

But I don't have space for 100 icons. I can have six. Woe.
You don't get to complain, [livejournal.com profile] odycee. By which I mean: Omgyes, it is an addiction. ;)

Oh, hey, I dreamt about pirates last night.

Um. Look! Kitteh! )


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