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Since I've subscribed to [livejournal.com profile] ontd_startrek, I've been feeling the increasing urge to TYPE LIKE THIS ALL THE TIME, more often than not with added sparkles or blinky effects.

Also, the desire to address pretty much anyone as a GQ MOTHERFUCKER is getting stronger as I type.

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I mean, you could, possibly, be eating sand, but unless check, it could totally be roasted peanuts you're grinding up between your molars.

In other words: I am on vacation!* Which, I'm certain, you've already noticed by the shocking change in frequency of my posts. (By which I mean: by this post.)

* Until tomorrow to be precise. This little interjection was brought to you by the influence of my holiday reading, Tristram Shandy.

What's up

Sep. 27th, 2007 02:08 pm
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Difficult to cut out of a background:
- John's hair
- Ray's hair
- a hedgehog

Easy to cut out of a background:
- Rodney's nose
- Fraser's hat
- Captain Picard

In other news, I updated the covers post with new dS art stuffs for Foreign Territory. (Please to be scrolling down.)
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Character X walking out of shower scene

Skin: radiant/enticingly flushed/freshly scrubbed/glowing
Hair: sexily tousled/playfully curled/attractively dishevelled
Wearing: nothing at all/a skimpy white towel/a single glistening water drop slooowly sliding down collarbone

Moi walking out of shower scene

Skin: splotchy/in need of moisturizer/uh, you know, damp
Hair: frizzy/all over the place/plastered to head
Wearing: towel on head/my "Where, oh, where did all the fresh laundry go?" face

Oh, real life, you so cruel!
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So I skimmed the flist and stumbled over the thumbnail for this piece o' SGA art by [livejournal.com profile] ileliberte which you've probably already seen.

When I first saw it, I totally thought she was mocking angsty, angsty badfic! *laughs and laughs*


May. 27th, 2007 11:30 pm
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Four expressions that, according to this one French teacher I once had, do not properly convey the meaning of the term comme un casse-tête chinois:

4. like an enigma
3. like a puzzle
2. like a book with seven seals
1. like... a babushka doll?

This post was brought to you by this, this, and the desire to amuse my favourite audience.

(*points at self* That would be me.)
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How the hell did I gain weight? *slouches in chair, munches on cheese toast, sips extra chocolate-y chocolate milk*

Oh, the irony idiocy!


Jan. 26th, 2007 07:22 pm
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One brain, in less than pristine condition, although rarely used, slightly damaged from frequent application of bleach and attempts at DIY lobotomies. May also exhibit unusual symptoms like heightened or decreased activity in certain areas due to prolonged exposure to fandom.

(Yanno, initially, I wanted to specify which areas, but then I realised I'd just done research for an LJ entry, which is definitely going tooooo far in the entirely wroooong direction.)

If you know its whereabouts or can give relevant hints, please do not hesitate to contact me! Besides earning my eternal gratitude, you will be rewarded with really cool...uh, rewards, which I will be able to think of once I'm once again in possession of aforementioned brain.
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Must proofread some shit today. Must only pay attention to punctuation, spelling and grammar. Must remember I actually like person for whom I'm doing this. Must not type things like: Excuse me, wtf r u doing?
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For heaven's sake, writer people, if one of your characters must speak a foreign language, have someone who actually knows that language look at your story, because guess what? That word/sentence/expression might not mean what you think it means.

Do not, I repeat, do not fuck around with dictionaries or rely on online translators. More research, less wincing! Thanks muchly.
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I'm done. *looks at sparkly clean surfaces* Just call me the lean, mean cleaning machine. On second thought, please don't.

Number of ball pens found: 26 (22 of which actually work)

Traumatic incidents: 1 (Discovered key fob [here on YouTube] which was given to me as a gift by...someone who secretly hates me. It's the only explanation that makes sense.)

- paper cut: 1
- holes from being poked by unidentified sharp objects lurking under stuff: 2
- bruised soul: 1 (Seriously, have you looked at that thing? It has glowing red eyes. I'll have nightmares for months.)


Nov. 23rd, 2006 09:15 pm
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1) The cat twitches one of her front paws when you start stroking her fur.
2) The cat will sprawl on and get hair all over everything that even vaguely resembles a bag.
3) The cat knows her name, the words for food, brush and bug, but has trouble understanding 'No!', 'Not now!', and 'I'm not your personal fucking servant!'.
4) ) The cat consists of roughly 60% hair and 40% cat. And by cat I mean fat. *pokes cat* Move, damn you, move!

In other news, I have a new icon! It's so...me, don't you think?


Oct. 13th, 2006 10:27 pm
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[Poll #844179]
Of the yay: I checked this little box and now every time I click on certain links, it automatically does the style=mine thing. Magic!
Of the bzuh?: Where did the autosave draft function go?

Healthy: Eating two apples.
Not so healthy: Slicing them, coating them in cinnamon batter, putting them in hot oil and eating them with a lot of maple syrup.

Idiotic: Hurting your foot by shaking your leg out and smashing it into the computer tower.
Even more idiotic: Getting a cramp along the side of your neck while trying to look at the wound.

Might be a good idea: Washing your hair after you've made pasta aglio e olio (with...uh, added onions).
Might not be such a good idea, duh: Washing it before you start cooking.
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*whimpers pitifully*

Wine hanovers are of the evil. Waking up in the middle of a wine hangover is of the evil. Is this just my imagination?

Any other drink? Sure, no problem, I'll hop out of bed the next morning without any problems. Wine? Not so much. Like-- you drink water and it doesn't help. You could just as well be drinking more wine. You decide to wait and hold on to your bed, begging it stop moving so much and it just gets worse.

In conclusion: *whimpers pitifully*
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Or just a handful of Paracetamol? If you have a sekrit and unbeatable recipe against the common cold, speak up, please. The last thing I need at the moment is a headache and a stuffed nose.

Unrelated to that, or maybe related in the way that the idea is the result of three hours of sleep is the result of my not being able to breathe, damn it, I came up with a cunning plan which is very cunning. I will invent a machine that will hit you over the head with a frying pan if you exceed the programed time limit by procrastinating like crazy. Don't you think it'll make me rich in no time? I'll give it a very dramatic name, like Damocles. Damocles or Bob. I haven't yet decided.


Apr. 21st, 2006 12:39 am
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Sign No. 357 that you're spending too much time on livejournal:
You've accidentally ripped off half of your fingernail and are immediately posting about it because yes, this is the most exciting news of the day.

*looks at bloody thumb*

*hears crickets chirp*

My clever plan to not really but kinda sorta still make an entry out of this is not working, is it? Go ahead, unfriend me, I understand.
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Joe Flanigan ) is too pretty to be human. Discuss.

He is
[ ]an android
[ ]an android with feelings
[ ]a pretty looking killing machine

who has come to Earth to
[ ]search for his creator
[ ]study human mating behaviour
[ ]distract us from the impending alien invasion

by means of his
[ ]sex appeal
[ ]sex appeal
[ ]sex appeal

Why, yes, I am bored.
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You know this book that needs to be written?
A book in which the protagonist is a complex person, troubled and imperfect, and yet likeable. Special, and at the same time ordinary.
It should be a story about love, about finding yourself and fulfilling your dreams. About failing and failing better. Ideally, the ending should be satisfying; loose ends should meet, but there should still be room for possibilities and interpretation.

Then, on the last page, I'd like to read how the character gets run over by a truck. Ah, life.
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1. My lips were dry and chapped, because I had a cold at that time. I was eating crispbread, reading and therefore not really paying attention to the food. Somehow I jabbed myself in the lip, it started bleeding and hurt like nobody's business.

2. Between the light switch and the wall there's this little chink, which should absolutely not be one of the reasons why such a high percentage of accidents happen in your own home. Ladders, yes, or maybe broken cables.
I wanted to turn on the lights, but my nail got caught and torn to the quick. Ow.

3. See, there was this door. No pane of glass, plastic, or any other transparent material. I noticed it, I wasn't distracted, but I just kept walking. This is also the one and only freaky out-of-body experience I've ever had.

4. I tripped over a tennis ball. I don't want to talk about it.

5. I could mention the time I walked down the stairs, several bags in each hand, and sort of fell to my knees. My shins looked like someone had taken a baseball bat to them, repeatedly and with enthusiasm.

Do these things only happen to me?
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