Mar. 17th, 2007 07:31 pm
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Have a silly Sheppard manip! Dude. )

Here there be whining. Feel free to skip. )
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Ah, what the hell, might as well post it here.

RayK. With wings. )

Any requests which character I should wingify next? Any links to dS wing!fic? (Uh. I'm asking for [ profile] trinityofone. Yes.)

I had mumblemumble hours of sleep last night, but I feel just fine. Fiiiiine. (Yes. Yes, expect a lot of spam today.)
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*buries face in hands* It was-- [ profile] enname said something, okay? Blame her! I do. )

* Incidentally, I just mistyped that as 'Rodney is my kink'. Yeah. Okay.
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I trust that by now everyone has read [ profile] auburnnothenna's and [ profile] monanotlisa's Ardhanarishvara. (You didn't? Shoo, go read now.) Anyway, you might understand why I'm just a leeetle bit obsessed with girl!John. It's the reason why tried to manipulate a screencap of a younger Joe Flanigan.

What I've done so far: Removed sideburns, removed Adam's apple, removed 5 o'clock shadow, corrected his entire jaw line, plucked his eyebrows and applied mascara. Does he look more like a girl? No, he looks like a younger, prettier boy whore. Why, why is this not working?

Hm. Maybe I should try a different approach. Not that creating a manip of girl!Sheppard is my life goal or anything. *shifty eyes*

More RL blathering )
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It's all [ profile] trinityofone's fault. See? See?

Heaven. Phhh! All they do in heaven is sing, talk to God and water pot plants.

John as a priest. Quick and dirty manips. )

Omg, I'm so sorry. *hangs head in shame*
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How could you resist him? He's an elf. Do not miss the sparkle on the last one. Seriously, I will be pissed if you miss it.

Image hosted by hosted by hosted by

Just in case it wasn't obvious, I'm laughing myself into a hernia here.

Want, take, have.
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It's painfully obvious that I should not be allowed to use Photoshop. I tried to manip Girl!Rodney (using a cap from Dark Side, which he shot when he was omg, so young), but instead I succeeded in making David Hewlett look like a 12-year-old rent boy. With make-up.
Wait, this is SGA, not the HP fandom. Isn't it?

This is so wrong. o.O )


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