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10 x Callum Keith Rennie )

Well. That was unexpected. I blame [livejournal.com profile] astolat's Zebra vid. Speaking of vids, this (meta vid kinda thing) gave me much glee. As did uh, this (SGA vid kinda thing). :D
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What? I was trying very hard not to put that on an icon!

10 x Wilby Wonderful )

[x] Want, take, have.
[x] If you don't like the random lyrics I slapped on the icons text, I can totally change/remove it for you. ;)

Um. I wonder if there's a place where I can post these?
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Subject line totally stolen from Dr. Jackson's Diary.

If you like Shakespeare, the theatre, a somewhat crazy Paul Gross or any combination thereof, you might wanna give Slings and Arrows a try. It's quite enjoyable. Plus, it's a miniseries. What have you got to lose?

10 x Geoffrey Tennant )

Caps from Cap it! Before I die of waitin'!

Want, take, have.


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