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I have watched Dexter! \o/ Which I liked. (Except the 'Previously on Dexter' parts. Dude, there are only twelve episodes and it's not like we're bird-brained little-- No, wait. I am. Carry on!)

What I want to watch next )

In other news, I won't be around much next week. Oh, and I totally remember the requests, I'm just slooooow.

*There are no Google results for "Mountie sammich" and only 84 results, if you spell sammich correctly. *strokes imaginary beard* Innnteresting.
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Which I rewatched, capped and iconed (Totally a verb, hush!). Oh, Fraser. )

Want, take, have.
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Ah, what the hell, might as well post it here.

RayK. With wings. )

Any requests which character I should wingify next? Any links to dS wing!fic? (Uh. I'm asking for [livejournal.com profile] trinityofone. Yes.)

I had mumblemumble hours of sleep last night, but I feel just fine. Fiiiiine. (Yes. Yes, expect a lot of spam today.)
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I'm in a...uh, cappy mood today? (No hat jokes, please.)
Caps of the episode Fraser under here! )
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You know those stories where you read about five lines and your eyelids are already drooping because it's like reading about the same Rodney in the same fic having the same thought for the 100 bajillionth time and omg, could it get any more boring? Cue scrambling for the back button.

These...are kind of the exact opposite of that. When I was searching for the links, I think reread every one of them. They're just so super amazing fun they suck you right in.

Links under here )
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God. Archives can be vast, dangerous swamps. Where's the good Fraser/OC (male or female, I dun care), I ask you? No, seriously, I am asking you.

Ah, well. Look what made my evening! Can I just say Ahahahaha? Because even if you haven't seen the Simpsons episode, that icon is still amusing. (It's by [livejournal.com profile] geonncannon.)

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Speed + Chain jumping off sprocket = Owie. Now that I've shared this pearl of wisdom with you, won't you enlighten me, oh flist?

Paul Gross Malaria? As I understand it, this term refers to the occasional, spontaneous outburst of sexual and/or fangirly feelings towards Paul Gross? So if I said this cap makes me want to lick him or if I told you that that one here makes me want to throw him down somewhere and do dirty things to him until that frown disappears or if I confessed that this inspires thoughts of the Take me! Take me now! variety, would that qualify as Paul Gross Malaria? Um. Not that I am saying it or anything. This is all purely hypothetical. *shifty eyes*

Anyway, on with the questions! What's with the zebra?

And which episode reveals Frasers sweet tooth? (Don't tell me it's fanon, please. I'd be sorely disappointed.)

Oh, and in what film do I get to see the famous \o/?
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Or, The Episode In Which Ray Really Butters My Muffin:

Caps )

Want, take, have. (I wish.)
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I've just rewatched Some Like It Red and you know, crossdressing is really not one of my kinks. Well, it isn't. It's not. Stop laughing!

Seriously though, I'm mostly just fascinated because there are a few moments when he bats his eyelashes or smiles in a certain way or tilts his head just so that make me think: Woah. Not bad.

Right. I'll get to the interesting part now. Fraser in drag. A...study in caps. )

I can't imagine what you'd do with them, but: Want, take, have.
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My heart flows over with squishy love for Fraser. *nods* Yeah, that'll do as an introduction to the topic of this post. So. Questions. About Due South.

1) Where be the caps, people? Are there any great resources or should I just check out [livejournal.com profile] cap_it?

2) Also, I'm searching for these episodes:
- I vaguely remember an episode where Fraser licks something, as you do, and loses consciousness because that something was left there deliberately as a bait. The scene took place in a hallway, I think.
- Ray K comes rushing into a room and falls to his knees.
- Ray K takes a bullet, but is protected by his vest.
- Err, hand holding?
- Something along the lines of "Do you find me attractive"?

I'm still trying to kickstart the Photoshop-fu. Seeing that whining about it was not very successful, I've decided to try another approach. In other words: Requests, anyone? Ten icons. Three bigger graphics. Any subject.

Due South

Jun. 18th, 2006 03:22 pm
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So I've watched a couple of episode of Due South. Does anyone want to make episode recs?

Is Ray K's accent a Chicago thing? It's kind of cute.
Also, a thing that has always mystified me: What's with calling female superiors "sir"?

Now I'll try to watch Mounty on the Bounty before the computer starts making dying noises again. I'm afraid this summer will finally kill it.


Feb. 21st, 2006 12:28 pm
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Move along, people. This is just for my own reference. Eta: Not anymore, little girl, not anymore.
What? Yeah! Okay. )
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