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Which I rewatched, capped and iconed (Totally a verb, hush!). Oh, Fraser. )

Want, take, have.
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*looks at latest entries* Um. The pretty pictures, they be good?
Caps, caps and more caps. )
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I'm in a...uh, cappy mood today? (No hat jokes, please.)
Caps of the episode Fraser under here! )
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Not very high quality, I'm afraid, but...*handwaves*...whatever.
Sort of sorted by character )
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Would you look at this cap? )

He's so wee. It kinda makes me go "I want babies!" (As opposed to "I want his babies!" just so we're clear.)
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A completely superficial look at Sateda. And I don't mean all the pretty people. I mean the effects they used in this one.

No one will click on this lj-cut now, will they? Oh, well. )
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Or, The Episode In Which Ray Really Butters My Muffin:

Caps )

Want, take, have. (I wish.)
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I've just rewatched Some Like It Red and you know, crossdressing is really not one of my kinks. Well, it isn't. It's not. Stop laughing!

Seriously though, I'm mostly just fascinated because there are a few moments when he bats his eyelashes or smiles in a certain way or tilts his head just so that make me think: Woah. Not bad.

Right. I'll get to the interesting part now. Fraser in drag. A...study in caps. )

I can't imagine what you'd do with them, but: Want, take, have.
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God. I cannot, for the life of me, watch an episode of Traders without making high-pitched noises. This can't be normal. But seriously, could you resist the urge to pet him? )

I don't think so.
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Eeeee! I just watched Thoughtcrimes featuring a Joe Flanigan who's adorably dorky and ridiculously pretty.

Caps! (They're relatively small, but the quality's all right) )
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Nooo! Where are my perfectly organized bookmarks? Why did you do this to me, Mozilla Firefox? Our love was so shiny and new. *sobs*

Screencap dump 2x09 Aurora + two measly icons )
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So, 2x08 Conversion (+a few caps) )

Some time ago, I read a quote about how people don't change, but unfold. How hard can it be to find that quote on google? This is driving my nuts.
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