May. 26th, 2010

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Um, White Collar fanart?

Inspired by [ profile] china_shop's little cracklets?

Yeaaah, I don't even know. :D

PS: Are these showing up too dark, btw? I'm still doubtful of the laptop screen...

PPS: Why is LJ being an asshole the only time in seven years when I'm trying to post something?
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Current fandoms of the bloodsucking kind as experienced through fannish osmosis:


A classic tale of true love! Sparkling, broody vampire meets clumsy girl. Vampire stalks girl romantically. They fall in love! They don't have sex. They do have sex! Hybrid baby breaks girl's ribs from the inside.

This is why sex is bad, people.

True Blood

Rogue exchanges her mutant superpowers for other superpowers. Of the telepathic kind! Also, guess what? Vampires are real! But no worries, they drink plastic blood now.

The Vampire Diaries

It's just like One Tree Hill! Except with vampires! Who are basketball playing brothers who hate each other? Clearly, my knowledge of One Tree Hill is rather limited as well.


Features Vampire, P.I. His real name is Egg McMuffin. Or MacIntyre. Or something along those lines anyway.

He falls in love with a child he once rescued. From his ex. It's not creepy at all!


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