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I want an Arthur/Eames vid set to Cake's version of Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. In somewhat related news, I imagine it can be verrry frustrating to work with one single movie as a source?

Aaand that leads nicely to contemplating my fannish state of mind which seems to have changed recently?

XF, Stargate, HP, dS, all had one thing in common. I fell into them and it took me years before I found myself washed ashore.

Whereas my recent MO resembles having passionate, but brief flings right, left and centre. It's not that I don't want to lose interest in Kradam or idle instead of watching the latest White Collar episode, it just happens. I'm throwing Pinto out of my bed, because I'm slightly bored, is what I'm saying here.

Why can't I have stars in my eyes about all the fandoms? D:

PS: I'm so out of practice at composing posts, it's tragic. D:
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